Our Name


At Earth, Sea & Skin, we are passionate about looking after our planet and the people on it.
This is why we sell products made with natural and sustainable ingredients.
All profits from our business go to our charity partner, The Hygiene Bank: a grassroots community initiative that distributes hygiene essentials to those that need them around the UK.


Packaging materials are currently the largest market for plastics, accounting for nearly half of global plastic waste.
Much of this waste is not recycled, but ends up in our environment. More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are already in our seas.
Our plastic free products aim to prevent plastic pollution at source and remove the need for plastic packing in skincare.


Looking after yourself should be a priority, not a luxury.
Our products allow you to care for your skin, without contributing to plastic pollution.
Our charity partnership with The Hygiene Bank ensures that all profits from our sales go to a worthwhile purpose, meaning that every sale makes a positive difference to people in need in the UK.


Who We Are

We are a team of graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds, passionate about the environment. We have decided to help prevent plastic pollution at source by providing an alternative to plastic packaged moisturisers.
Earth, Sea & Skin Ltd offers cruelty, plastic & palm oil free vegan skin care bars, with all profits being donated to our charity partner The Hygiene Bank.


Our Origins

As part of the nucleargraduates scheme we are all part of, we have the opportunity to run a business with a wider societal benefit. 
Nucleargraduates funding allows us to donate 100% of our profits to The Hygiene Bank.
We are a diverse team of graduates from backgrounds such as Chemistry, Physics, Finance, Environmental Science, Geology and different Engineering disciplines.